Friday, June 5, 2009

A Special Visitor

Today we had the opportunity to babysit my nephew Hayden. We absolutely adore our handsome little man. He is just the sweetest thing ever. My parents have 12 grandchildren and the last two are the only boys, so you can imagine how spoiled they are. The girls had so much fun today chasing him around and letting him chase them around.

He loves all of his girl cousins, but Ariana is his favorite. Ariana is the baby lover in the family and is so good with little children. She will be the best babysitter once she is old enough. I literally have hardly done anything today to care for our little man. They wanted to play with him, watch him and feed him. The only thing they allowed me to do was change his stinky diaper, oh lucky me :)

Our dog Twinky tried to get in on the feeding frenzy! The girls were feeding Hayden string cheese and tore off little pieces for him. At one point I looked over and Hayden was feeding Twinky the string cheese!

They played hard all day and then Ariana sat down to read him a book and he fell fast asleep on Ariana. It was nice to have a little boy in the house for a change :)