Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to High School Sports

Chelsea is playing JV soccer right now for Tolleson High School. She just had her 7th game yesterday. I love watching my kids play sports, but had a serious dose of reality last night. Chelsea is a pretty aggressive player and last night she collided with one of the players on the other team. She did a flip in the air and landed on her right shoulder and head. I think my heart stopped for several seconds as I watched my first born lay there on the field without moving. I quickly made my way down near the field to see if she was ok. She eventually was able to get up and walk with assistance. The athletic trainer iced her knee and her shoulder and my Mom and I helped her get into the van. Wow, was she in pain! We got her home and after alot of ibuprohen (sp?) and a nice hot bath she was feeling much better. She also appreciated all the loving tender care from her Grandpa and Grandma. Anyone who knows my Dad knows that he will do anything to make sure you have what you need and that your boo boo is all better. Thanks Grandpa! I don't think I had mentally prepared myself for the possibility that she might get injured playing High School sports! In the words of my sister-in-law Julie, "Welcome to High School Sports."