Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was full of many activities for our family. Saturday we went to a park up north for my Mom's family. We had a blast and the girls got to participate in an easter egg hunt with many of their cousins. That night we had the opportunity to go to the Phoenix Coyotes game as a family (courtesy of David's work). The girls had a blast and soon realized that it is freezing at a hockeye game. Cherish was so cute and made her own coyote banner, which she proudly displayed many times during the game. We saw an awesome fight (I am not one for violence, but it was pretty exciting!) Cherish said the fight was awesome! Of course the coyote player knocked the other guy to the ground and the crowd went wild. Easter morning the Easter Bunny came and brought the younger girls all kinds of Hannah Montana stuff, which they love so much. The older girls are now my assistants, but of course they have to have a basket. I have seen so many beautiful pictures of friends and family with their kids all dressed up for Easter Sunday. I have been so good in the past at dressing up my girls to match, but with a teenager and pre-teen it is impossible. The girls had another egg hunt at my parents house Sunday and Papa had a special money egg for each of the grandkids. He put $10 in coins in each one. Savannah and Ciera think they are rich!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Easter Pageant

Well I have struggled with my computer and have given up for the time being, so no pictures today (I will have to get some friendly advice from my brother), but we took the girls to the Easter Pageant on Tuesday night. There were lots of people there, but we took our blankets and had ourselves a little picnic. The girls enjoyed themselves, but Ariana complained that she couldn't see the peoples faces! The girls asked lots of questions, but here are some of my favorite quotes: Savannah - "Are they really nailing that guy to the cross?" Ariana - "Do they have a gift shop here?" "Are you sure there is no gift shop here?" Savannah - "I think they would sell a bobblehead Jesus there!" Savannah - "Hey I learned about this in Primary." "Hey I know this song." Needless to say my children continue to crack me up. We really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to going again next year.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This was my Dad's 60th birthday celebration. Pictured from left to right is my brother Sean, me, my Dad, my Mom, my sister Darlene and my baby brother Brian. We had such a blast. We saw so many old friends, it was definitely a trip down memory lane.

Our sweet twinky

This is Twinky our little rescue dog. Cherish has been begging for a dog for two years now. She finally convinced me to let her get a dog. This sweet little dog has been such a sweetheart. She was a stray when animal control found her, but she is now a little princess living in the lap of luxury. With five girls who spoil her rotten, she has it made.