Friday, April 25, 2008

Honor Roll Awards Night

At Alhambra Traditional School they have an honor awards night for those kids who have been on honor roll and have a certain grade point average. They have ATS Honor Roll and Principal's Honor Roll. I am very proud of my girls. Chelsea and Ariana had Principal's Honor Roll and Cherish had ATS Honor Roll. They have all worked very hard this year especially Chelsea, who will be entering High School this August. Way to go girls!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Relax and Unwind

After a very emotional week it was nice to relax, unwind and enjoy being with your family...

The BIG Catch!

Our nephew Zach found this dead fish on the beach, so they decided to pose with it. Notice Omar didn't have a fish, so Sam is his trophy!

Chelsea and Omar. Chelsea had such a blast with all her 'teenage" cousins.

A Night At the Beach

This was our last night in Michigan. David's family lives only five minutes from Lake Michigan. We decided to go see the sunset and feed the seagulls. We had a blast with the kids, but it was FREEZING!!!!!!!!

De'Ja Vu......Rider beware!!!!!

This is a ride called the de'ja vu. This ride scared me to death. Basically you are hanging from the top of the rails as it whips you around, upside down and then straight up in the air, but then "de'ja vu" it takes you back the way you came and you are hanging several stories up just dangling feet and all from your harness. I was definitely crying and screaming at the same time. I can say I did the ride, but I have now retired from riding the de'ja vu!

Chelsea and her Posse!!!

They really are good girls. Chelsea and her best friend Jordi have been friends since Kindergarten!

Batman Forever

David loves superhero movies, but one of his favorite is Batman. He had to buy a batman shirt and just had to pose with Batman and Robin! He is such a kid at heart!

Chelsea's 8th Grade Magic Mountain Trip

I am behind on my blogging, so I am playing catch up. A couple of weeks ago David and I had the opportunity to chaperone Chelsea's 8th grade trip to Magic Mountain. We quickly found out how old we are getting when the rides kicked us in the rear! We really enjoyed ourselves and some special time with our daughter and friends.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I just wanted to take the time to say Happy Belated Birthday to Chelsea. Her Grandmother passed away the day before her birthday, so her birthday party was put on hold. Chelsea turned 14 on April 9th, which is also our anniversary. David and I have been married for 15 years now. We are so proud of Chelsea and her accomplishments. She continually makes us proud for the young woman she has become. Happy Birthday Chels we love you!!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I forgot to Tag my family and friends..I tag Brian and Kolena, The Browns and the Boones. (Amy O., Amy B. and Kandice I won't bother you since you have already been tagged)

TAG......I'M IT!!!!!!!

Rules of this Tag:1. Answer the questions about the list of friends and/or family on your blog.
2. If you don’t have the # of names that the question asks, answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for on your list.
3. Tag your friends/ family.

When did you first meet the 1st person on your list? The 1st person on my list is Amy B. I met Amy when our husbands played softball together in a city league.

What do you like about the third person on your list's blog? The third person on my list is Kara Boone. I met Kara for the first time when she moved into the ward. I was in the Relief Society presidency and had the privilege of making a new member visit to her. She is so sweet and I always enjoyed the sharing times she gave when she was in primary.

What do you like best about the 5th and 6th people on your list? Amy O. is a beautiful person on the inside and out. She is very reliable and always a sweetheart. Kandice A. is one of my best friends. She is a great listener and I enjoy her company. She is also my right arm in primary!

How long have you known the 8th person on your list? I have known my brother Brian all his life. I'm grateful for such a sweet little brother, who is always there to help me, especially with my computer. I am grateful for his wonderful wife, who I call my friend as well as my sister. I am also blessed to have a beautiful nephew to spoil with many happy meals. (Growing up Brian always suckered me into buying him one!!)

What impresses you about the 11th and 22nd people on your list? The Browns impress me with their great strength, especially all that they went through with their little guy. Chelsea loves to babysit him.

What is a memory you have with the 23rd person on your list? I think I have already talked about everyone on my list.

Say something nice about the 27th person on your list. Since I have already talked about each person, I will just say I admire each and everyone on my list and I am so grateful for wonderful friends and family that make life grand :)

A Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother

On April 8th my mother-in-law passed away. It was very sudden and unexpected. She had not been feeling well about a month prior. She had just stayed with us for almost a week and then went down to Mexico to visit family. My father-in-law called my sister-in-laws and told them something was wrong, so they quickly flew her back to Michigan to see her doctor. On Saturday April 5th they called to say that they had found a brain tumor. They did emergency surgery Sunday and early Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening she passed away and returned home to our Heavenly Father. The doctors said she had what they call a butterfly tumor, which is one of the most rapid growing tumors. David was able to make it in time to say his final goodbye. The girls and I flew into Michigan on Thursday the 10th. The funeral was beautiful and you felt so spiritually uplifted. She was the strength of the family and her testimony of the gospel was unshakeable. Our mother was a pillar of strength. She had tremendous faith, which held strong through her conversion to any trial she faced. In the words of my brother-in-law Jorge, she was our firm foundation. She will be sorely missed, but we know our Heavenly Father needed her at this time to continue with her mission.