Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kindergarten Graduates!

I can't believe how fast this school year has gone. Not only did my oldest survive her first year of High School, but my babies just graduated from Kindergarten! They have loved every minute of the school year. Ciera had Mr. Wray, who has taught at Alhambra Traditional for a gazillion years, he also taught Cherish and Ariana. What an awesome man. He just joined the LDS church about a year and a half ago and was just recently sealed to his wife Debbie. What an awesome man. I loved his slogan "You are #1 and you are special. Savannah had Mrs. Jones, who I had never had before, but heard such great things! Wow, she is an awesome teacher and Savannah loved every minute of her class. She is such a sweetheart and will be a lifetime friend. We found out she only lives about 2 miles from our house! The twins have thrived in Kindergarten and are great readers now. Savannah is even determined to read a Junie B. Jones chapter book! Time is truly flying by and I have learned to sit back and enjoy the ride because these moments are truly precious.

I was the homeroom mom for Ciera's class and they presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for all my hard work. I enjoyed these parties so much, but it truly was hard work!

Ciera ready for graduation.

Savannah all ready for her diploma!

Ciera and her friend Kylie.

Mr Wray, Ciera and Kylie

Mrs. Jones and Savannah

Savannah and Mrs. Jones Aide, Mrs. Paty

Savannah, Brynlie and Ciera

Ciera and Mr. Wrays aide, Mrs. Opel

Monday, May 11, 2009

Honor Roll Award Night

We are very proud of our girls for being on Honor Roll again this year. The twins were very disappointed that they don't do honor roll in Kindergarten, but they do start it in first grade. We look forward to many more trophies next year :) Congratulations Ariana and Cherish.

Cherish and Ariana

Ariana and her friend Sophia
David and his girls
Me and the girls

Ariana and her BFF Kia

Cherish and her friend Lorena ( one of the forever five)

Ariana's 3rd grade Field Trip

This week I had the opportunity to help chaperone Ariana's 3rd grade field trip. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a great group of girls. It was super hot (107), I think Ariana and I had a little heat stroke, but it was nice spending time with my daughter and her friends. This is my third trip to the Wildlife Zoo in the past two months. I have the place memorized now if anyone needs a tour guide :)

Talia, Sophia, Jessica and Ariana

Ariana liked this picture because it was a Mommy turtle with her baby turtle.
The girls were really excited about the Swans because in their class right now they are reading "The Trumpet of the Swan".

These girls were so cute!

They enjoyed feeding the giraffe.

This is at the new aquarium, they children are allowed to pet the stingrays.

Happy to be inside the air conditioned aquarium!