Monday, August 17, 2009

Ariana's "NEW" Room

Ariana recently inherited her own room. She has always wanted a purple room, but I wasn't up for painting the entire room. We decided on purple stripes. After all the taping and painting I think it would have just been easier to paint the entire room! She loves the stripes, so that is all that matters.

David bought me a cricut machine for my anniversary and Ari and I came up with this cute project for her room. I picked up some different sized frames at the thrift store and spray painted them white, we cut out purple vinyl letters for her name. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some glitter scrapbook paper and that lined the inside of the frame. The frames are each hung by some purple ribbon and we put some cute purple daisies on each side. She loves it and at night the glitter paper sparkles.
She has this big bed all to herself, but she is used to sleeping with someone else, so I often find her right on the edge.

I found this desk and chair at the thrift store and painted them white.