Monday, December 29, 2008

The Wedding of Tait and Laura (aka Pinky)

David's sister Laura (we all call her Pinky) got married the day after Christmas. We had relatives from all over come into town. What a beautiful bride she made. She was definitely glowing. Tait looked ok I guess!!! JK my hermano blanco!!!! The sealing was beautiful and the reception was wild! I was so busy with all of the wedding details I didn't get to take too many pictures, but I will have to get a copy from my sister-in-law who is the family photographer.

The beatiful bride and groom

He decided to pick her up and quickly decided it was time to put her down!

The bride with her Daddy!

Chelsea and her favorite Tia Martha

Savannah with her favorite cousin and twin Vanesa.

Chelsea and Cherish freezing outside!

David's sister Ivonne and their cousin David

Our nephew Omar and our cousin Eric

David and his oldest brother Chuy

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wolverines 3.........Falcons 0..............

Chelsea is on the junior varsity soccer team at Tolleson. They have had two games so far, but of course I forget my camera for her very first game. I did take it to her second game. They had a pretty exciting game, I love watching her play soccer. Soccer can get pretty physical and my little girl is tough. She slammed into this other player pretty hard and I thought to myself, "that's my baby" (I am not one for violence, but love it when my daughter plays aggressive!)
After the game we were talking about the game and Chelsea made a comment about the big hit!! She told me "Mom, I hit the girl hard and it hurt, but I didn't say anything, the other girl let out a umph!!!! Awesome, I love my tough little girl...

Final score Tolleson 3 Falcons 0........Way to go Wolverines!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Pictures

Today we had our family pictures taken. It took me two hours to curl 5 heads of hair! What would it be like to have boys? We headed off to the Mesa Temple. I think everyone else had the same idea today, but there were a lot of weddings. The girls did a great job and were patient with their obsessive compulsive mom, who has to have everything just right, Dr. Phil please help me!!!! We ended the evening at Serranos Mexican Food, yum!!





Charlie never knew he had so many angels!!!

After a long day!

Gotta love our girls :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

An American Girl Mystery Party

Ariana's birthday is officially on November 28th, but we usually celebrate her birthday a week early because of the Thanksgiving holiday. Ari is a fan of all the American Girl books (she loves the dolls too), so this year we had An American Girl Mystery Party. We had scripts and invitations that assigned each girl a character. I loved each of the outfits that the girls came in. Some were orphans, maids, etc.... The girls had so much fun acting out their parts. It was quite funny watching them all. They all had a great time and were able to solve Samantha's mystery :)

The best part of a birthday is the presents!!!!!

What a great bunch of girls ( who turned out to be little night owls, I'm exhausted!) Happy Birthday Ariana we love you!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Once again!!!!

I'm a lucky woman. Once again poof my father-in-law has made me yet another piece of furniture. I love this chest. It is a perfect storage piece for the blankets that my kids love to drag out this time of the year. He is leaving in a week and I'm so sad. I think we make a good team. He builds, I paint. Maybe someday we can have a business together :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Girl and her Little Doggy

Cherish stayed home sick today with a stomach bug (I hate flu season). I've been running around cleaning and I came across this and had to get my camera. Twinky is Cherish's dog and I think this picture says it all. They truly love each other.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Dream Come True!

A couple of years ago I saw this wooden trash can in the Country Sampler magazine. I have been wanting one forever!!!!!! My ever so handy Father-in-law just made this one for me. I showed him the picture in the magazine and poof eight hours of labor and here is the finished product. I love it!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Go Lady Eagles!!!!!!

Cherish made the 7th grade volleyball team this year (she's only a 6th grader) today was their volleyball tournament at Alhambra High School. They took third place in the tournament. If you look close in the picture you can still see her leftover eyeliner from her pirate costume. She showered and scrubbed, but we all now how hard it is to get black eyeliner off :)

The girls and Coach Smith. He is an awesome coach!
Cherish in action!!!!!

Cherish and her posse!!!!

Awesome job Lady Eagles!!!!

Trunk or Treat cont'

I couldn't figure out how to add this to the end of my last post, so sorry it's a little out of order.
Here we have the lovely Ariana and her BFF Kia.
Me and my zombie cheerleader.

My husband in an eclectic costume (I have no idea what he was)

My former princesses.......

Trunk or Treat

Last night we attended our Ward's Trunk or Treat. The girls were so excited and we had a lot of fun. There were hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and fun carnival games. We really had some awesome "trunks" this year and Bro. Johnson had a miniature photo studio in his area (thanks for all the pictures :) We had a blast and enjoyed everyones company. A big thanks to the Jones Family for all their hard work. It was a great success!

Our lovely Sleeping Beauty, Ciera.

The lovely Cinderella, Savannah.

The lovely Ariana cheering for the Land of the Free!

The days of princesses and cheerleaders are no more for my two older children. Cherish was the mighty pirate.

Whatever happened to my little princess????? She is now a Zombie Cheerleader......

My lovely daughters!!!!!

My brother Sean and his family!

Princess Ariel, Aurora, and Cinderella!

Our little doggy was so nervous with all the people, or maybe it was from looking at Chelsea :)