Friday, November 20, 2009


I haven't read any of the Twilight books, but my daugthers have sucked me into the Twilight craze. The movie was good, I stayed up way past my bedtime and I felt like a teenager again. We had so much fun and are so grateful for the Clift family, who saved us a place in line. We only had to wait outside until 9:30pm and then they let us sit in the theater until 12:01. We had good seats and had a blast joking around until the movie started. We have already made a pack to do it all over again on July 30th...

Cherish and Chloe sleep deprived and sucking on lemon juice packets!

They were hilarious!

Cara helped Chelsea study for her vocab test today!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween 2009

I am so behind in my blogging, but life has been so crazy lately!! I completed my third primary program on Oct. 25th and then the week after the program I was released as the Primary President and was called to be the Relief Society President. I'm scared and excited at the same time for my new adventure! I know the Lord will continue to bless me and my family as I serve him. Chelsea just started soccer season and made the Varsity team. She is so excited because she is only a sophmore. She has her first game on Dec. 1st. Go Wolverines!!!!

Ariana in her devilish costume.

I wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl (sorry if you grew up in the 80's you would recognize that song) Savannah wanted to be a cowgirl this year. I told her to pretend she was blowing the smoke on her revolver, but she looks like she is going to kiss the gun instead ;)

Ciera LOVES Tinkerbell, so of course she just had to be tinkerbell for halloween. We sprayed her with pixie dust (spray glitter) and I am still trying to scrub it off my bathroom vanity (note to self spray glitter should only be used outside)

The good angel and her enemy!

In front of Grandpa's truck at the trunk or treat. Grandpa and Grandma always have the best trunk. I think my Dad adds more and more each year (he always goes to the 75% off sales after Halloween. He has gotten some great bargains!)

Ariana with one of her best friends Michelle.

Some of the crazy young women in our ward ;)

The young women did face painting at the carnival.

My sister-in-law and handsome little nephew. He loves cows and thinks any animal says moo!

My other handsome nephew Brendan the power ranger.

Ciera with my niece Rosie, the tinkerbell twins. We had a great time at the trunk or treat. My brother Sean was an awesome help at my booth that night. The primary ran the pumpkin bean bag toss. I was giving my brother major brownie points until he told the kids he would give them an extra prize if they hit me!!!! Little brothers, they never grow up ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homecoming Week Cont'

Well today was 80's day for homecoming. Can you believe that leg warmers have come back in style?? Wow, I should have saved all my crazy clothes! I tried to tease Chelsea's hair in true 80's style, but my she kept combing her hair back down! Those were the days!

She asked me how to pose 80's. It's all about the attitude! Everything was big in the 80's, our clothes, hair and attitudes!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Super Saturday

This past Saturday was my Ward's Super Saturday. I was teaching a class, so I didn't sign up for anything, but brought a craft from home that I have been wanting to make. I haven't crafted in so long and it felt so good to do something creative again. I promised Amy I would post the measurements, so here they are. The sign is 29in. x 12 1/2in. The pumpkin is 22 1/2in. x 17 1/2in. Amy if you would like to come and trace it, that is totally fine with me ;) Good luck and happy crafting!

Homecoming Week

Well it's homecoming week at Chelsea's High School. She didn't dress up last year, but she was a freshman and still self conscience about everything. She hasn't dressed up everyday this week, but Tuesday was Hippie day, so she rummaged through her things and came up with this get up! You gotta love High School, tomorrow is 80's day and I can't wait to tease her bangs sky high! She wants to go tonight and buy some leg warmers, I can't believe they have come back in style. I guess I should have saved all my crazy clothing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Little Girl Scout

Ariana just recently joined the girl scout troop at her school. Today was their first outing. They are headed to Sedona. They are going to work on some badges while they are there and of course go swimming in the creek. We are very proud of Ariana. Keep up the great work. Also if anyone loves girl scout cookies, Ariana will be selling them in a few months ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Savannah and Ciera

It's hard to believe that my twins are seven now!!!! Wow, where has the time gone. Their first year was certainly a blur, sleep was definitely a luxury then. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for these sweet girls. They have such a love for life. They are great friends (of course they have their moments), but I am so thankful they were sent to our family. For their seventh birthday they wanted to have a superhero party. I had no idea what we were going to do with this theme, but it turned out great and most of all no matter how much you "plan" kids will be kids and all they want to do is play!

Marissa, Ciera and Kylie

Ariana invited her friend Brooklyn to help with the games.

My nieces, Emalisa and Rosie.

Ciera and Kylie

Ciera, Presley and Ewa

We can fly!
(please excuse my ugly backyard, it's getting an overhaul this fall)

My babies, Savannah is older by 13 minutes

~Make a Wish~

Our poor little doggy, who puts up with us :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ariana's "NEW" Room

Ariana recently inherited her own room. She has always wanted a purple room, but I wasn't up for painting the entire room. We decided on purple stripes. After all the taping and painting I think it would have just been easier to paint the entire room! She loves the stripes, so that is all that matters.

David bought me a cricut machine for my anniversary and Ari and I came up with this cute project for her room. I picked up some different sized frames at the thrift store and spray painted them white, we cut out purple vinyl letters for her name. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some glitter scrapbook paper and that lined the inside of the frame. The frames are each hung by some purple ribbon and we put some cute purple daisies on each side. She loves it and at night the glitter paper sparkles.
She has this big bed all to herself, but she is used to sleeping with someone else, so I often find her right on the edge.

I found this desk and chair at the thrift store and painted them white.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Demi Lovato Concert with David Archuleta

We got tickets for the Demi Lovato concert at the Arena. The girls were really excited to go, but Chelsea was beyond excited when she found out that David Archuleta (from American Idol fame) was opening for Demi Lovato.
They made the cutest signs.

This is the band KSM that opened up before David Archuleta. They were really good and the girls got to meet them at the end of the concert.

David Archuleta, he really is a cutie pie and has an awesome voice.

Savannah and Ciera



Chelsea, looking totally in love with David Archuleta

We really enjoyed his performance.

We took the glow sticks that my Dad had bought the girls on the 4th of July.

Ms. Demi Lovato

The girls and their souvenirs!

The girls got to meet the band KSM. We were trying to figure out what their name stood for and Ariana said Kentucky Steamed Milk, oh Ari! I guess we should have asked them, when we met them :) We had a really good time and David is such a great Dad to endure yet another girl moment :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend in Pine, AZ

This has been such a busy month for our family. We left on June 13th to go to California for a week and then, Chelsea, Cherish and I left for girls camp three days after we go back from California. Then we went back to Pine to visit my grandma for the fourth of July. We went to the Pine cemetary to put some patriotic flowers on my grandpa's grave. This trip was a little surreal because last year we went to Pine for the fourth of July, but my grandpa was still alive. We really miss him, but were grateful for the opportunity to spend the weekend with my grandma, uncle carl and aunt sue, uncle daryl and aunt amy. We had so much fun playing games and look forward to the Clement family reunion on July 17th. The night of the fourth we went into Payson to watch the fireworks. We were right next to the lake. I think next time we are going to sit a little further back because we were covered in ash from the fireworks! The fireworks were awesome and long. We had a 41 minute fireworks display. My brother Sean kept singing "It's the show that never ends!" The park was packed and it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot. Thanks goodness for the dvd player in the truck. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with our family.

My Great-Grandma Fuller, she was such a tiny little woman, like my Mom.

My Great-Grandpa Fuller, who was 76 years old when my Grandma was born!
It's hard to read his headstone, but he was born in 1842 and died in 1932. He had already raised a family and was widowed and my great-grandmother had been married and had been widowed in her early 30's. He was 46 years older than her, but they married and had three children together. My grandma was the baby. I believe he died when she was five. He was a great man and there are some great stories about him in the Pine museum.

My Uncle Carl, Grandma and Mom at my Grandpa's grave.

Our family with my Grandma

I love the headstone that my Grandma picked out.

My parents and my Grandma.

Last year we took pictures of the girls on my grandparents property, so we followed the tradition and took some again this year. Here is the lovely Ciera.

The lovely Savannah

The lovely Ariana.

The lovely Cherish.

The lovely Chelsea.

The girls, twinky and my brother's dog Daisy didn't want to miss the photo opportunity and plopped right down next to the girls for the picture.

All ready for the fourth!

It is so hard to get my nephew to pose for the camera, so this is what I got!

My nephew Hayden, just wanted to walk up and down the lake.

My sweet grandma.

Our sweet little doggy, she was so freaked out by the crowd that in true chihuahua style she hid under the camping chair and shook. Then we added the fireworks and she was totally freaked out, poor thing.

My Aunt Sue kept hiding from the camera, but I snuck up on her and here she is giving me the look!

Waiting for the show. We had to get there three hours early to get a parking spot.

My brother trying to convince his son it was more fun to read than walk around the lake.

I kept trying to get a picture of my Aunt Sue, but there was always a glare around her. I told her she was a vampire and she sparkled like diamonds (if you watched the twilight movie you'd understand). The next morning she told me she dreamt of vampires all night because of me.