Friday, July 10, 2009

Demi Lovato Concert with David Archuleta

We got tickets for the Demi Lovato concert at the Arena. The girls were really excited to go, but Chelsea was beyond excited when she found out that David Archuleta (from American Idol fame) was opening for Demi Lovato.
They made the cutest signs.

This is the band KSM that opened up before David Archuleta. They were really good and the girls got to meet them at the end of the concert.

David Archuleta, he really is a cutie pie and has an awesome voice.

Savannah and Ciera



Chelsea, looking totally in love with David Archuleta

We really enjoyed his performance.

We took the glow sticks that my Dad had bought the girls on the 4th of July.

Ms. Demi Lovato

The girls and their souvenirs!

The girls got to meet the band KSM. We were trying to figure out what their name stood for and Ariana said Kentucky Steamed Milk, oh Ari! I guess we should have asked them, when we met them :) We had a really good time and David is such a great Dad to endure yet another girl moment :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend in Pine, AZ

This has been such a busy month for our family. We left on June 13th to go to California for a week and then, Chelsea, Cherish and I left for girls camp three days after we go back from California. Then we went back to Pine to visit my grandma for the fourth of July. We went to the Pine cemetary to put some patriotic flowers on my grandpa's grave. This trip was a little surreal because last year we went to Pine for the fourth of July, but my grandpa was still alive. We really miss him, but were grateful for the opportunity to spend the weekend with my grandma, uncle carl and aunt sue, uncle daryl and aunt amy. We had so much fun playing games and look forward to the Clement family reunion on July 17th. The night of the fourth we went into Payson to watch the fireworks. We were right next to the lake. I think next time we are going to sit a little further back because we were covered in ash from the fireworks! The fireworks were awesome and long. We had a 41 minute fireworks display. My brother Sean kept singing "It's the show that never ends!" The park was packed and it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot. Thanks goodness for the dvd player in the truck. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with our family.

My Great-Grandma Fuller, she was such a tiny little woman, like my Mom.

My Great-Grandpa Fuller, who was 76 years old when my Grandma was born!
It's hard to read his headstone, but he was born in 1842 and died in 1932. He had already raised a family and was widowed and my great-grandmother had been married and had been widowed in her early 30's. He was 46 years older than her, but they married and had three children together. My grandma was the baby. I believe he died when she was five. He was a great man and there are some great stories about him in the Pine museum.

My Uncle Carl, Grandma and Mom at my Grandpa's grave.

Our family with my Grandma

I love the headstone that my Grandma picked out.

My parents and my Grandma.

Last year we took pictures of the girls on my grandparents property, so we followed the tradition and took some again this year. Here is the lovely Ciera.

The lovely Savannah

The lovely Ariana.

The lovely Cherish.

The lovely Chelsea.

The girls, twinky and my brother's dog Daisy didn't want to miss the photo opportunity and plopped right down next to the girls for the picture.

All ready for the fourth!

It is so hard to get my nephew to pose for the camera, so this is what I got!

My nephew Hayden, just wanted to walk up and down the lake.

My sweet grandma.

Our sweet little doggy, she was so freaked out by the crowd that in true chihuahua style she hid under the camping chair and shook. Then we added the fireworks and she was totally freaked out, poor thing.

My Aunt Sue kept hiding from the camera, but I snuck up on her and here she is giving me the look!

Waiting for the show. We had to get there three hours early to get a parking spot.

My brother trying to convince his son it was more fun to read than walk around the lake.

I kept trying to get a picture of my Aunt Sue, but there was always a glare around her. I told her she was a vampire and she sparkled like diamonds (if you watched the twilight movie you'd understand). The next morning she told me she dreamt of vampires all night because of me.

California or Bust.........

We had our second annual Locksa family reunion. This year the entire Locksa family was able to attend. My Dad rented a house in Irvine, California. We are not a big "camping" family, so our reunions consist of beaches, beaches and more beaches :) The house he rented had a built in pool and jacuzzi. The girls went swimming every day! The water in the pool was pretty cold because the high in Irvine was never above 80, but my little fishes would just jump in. I was only brave enough to go in the jacuzzi. We had so much fun together. We went to Goofy's kitchen, Disneyland, the beach and of course we went shopping! It was great to have the whole family together, especially all 12 grandchildren!

My youngest nephew screamed when we put him in the pool, so he mostly stayed in the jacuzzi.

Goofy's Kitchen was a blast. Here are all 12 grandchildren.

The "teens" chatting before breakfast.

My niece Emalisa dressed up like her favorite character Sleeping Beauty in hopes that she might see her idol. Her dream came true and she met her idol, she was soooo excited!

Girls being girls!

Our family

My parents

I think Chip was telling secrets to Celeste and Ariana

Goofy and his biggest fan Cherish.

My nephew Hayden wasn't so sure about all these crazy characters.

Everyone dancing with Goofy.

Goofy, seriously attacking me!

Vanesa this ones for you!

Celeste, Goofy, and Ariana

Goofy, Savannah, Isabel, Ciera, Brendan and Cassy in the background.

Sleeping Beauty, Ciera and Savannah

Hayden wasn't so sure about all the characters, but he didn't mind Sleeping Beauty!

We also had the opportunity to eat at the restaurant in Disneyland that is in the Pirates of the Carribean ride. You seriously have to make a reservation 60 days in advance, just to get a seat! It was delicious, especially the "monte cristo sandwich. Thanks Tuggle family for the great recommendation! Here Chelsea is being, well, Chelsea!

First half of the family

and the second half

All Ariana wanted to do was visit her idol Minnie Mouse.

My nephew crashed back at the house. He looked so uncomfortable, so we straightened him out and he went right back to this position.

We had an awesome time at Newport Beach and of course had some people, who shall remain nameless (Chelsea and Kolena) that didn't put on their sunscreen and after four hours at the beach learned what extreme pain is!

We had such a blast together and have already started planning next year, San Diego here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!