Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homecoming Week Cont'

Well today was 80's day for homecoming. Can you believe that leg warmers have come back in style?? Wow, I should have saved all my crazy clothes! I tried to tease Chelsea's hair in true 80's style, but my she kept combing her hair back down! Those were the days!

She asked me how to pose 80's. It's all about the attitude! Everything was big in the 80's, our clothes, hair and attitudes!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Super Saturday

This past Saturday was my Ward's Super Saturday. I was teaching a class, so I didn't sign up for anything, but brought a craft from home that I have been wanting to make. I haven't crafted in so long and it felt so good to do something creative again. I promised Amy I would post the measurements, so here they are. The sign is 29in. x 12 1/2in. The pumpkin is 22 1/2in. x 17 1/2in. Amy if you would like to come and trace it, that is totally fine with me ;) Good luck and happy crafting!

Homecoming Week

Well it's homecoming week at Chelsea's High School. She didn't dress up last year, but she was a freshman and still self conscience about everything. She hasn't dressed up everyday this week, but Tuesday was Hippie day, so she rummaged through her things and came up with this get up! You gotta love High School, tomorrow is 80's day and I can't wait to tease her bangs sky high! She wants to go tonight and buy some leg warmers, I can't believe they have come back in style. I guess I should have saved all my crazy clothing!