Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday Night with the D-Backs!

Saturday night we had the opportunity to go to the Diamondbacks game as a family (courtesy of David's work). We were able to sit in section 139, which is down near left field. The girls had fun for the first inning, but soon realized how boring baseball games can be (sorry the girls and I are not die-hard fans). The game was tied in the 9th inning, so we went into a tenth inning. By this time we had been there for over four hours.

Cherish went in the "ancient" colors of purple and black.

At the end of the game we were treated to a concert by Jessica Simpson. She really does have a beautiful voice, but the sound system was horrible, so the girls were ready to go after a few songs. We also had to pick up Chelsea, who opted to go to the youth dance instead of the game.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What happened yesterday?????

Wow, talk about a winter storm coming out of no where, but we had a massive hail storm over here yesterday. My camera batteries were dead, so I didn't get to document all the ice in my backyard. We had to go into rescue mode and rescue our poor defenseless kitty. She was soaked and scared. I think it has been quite some time since we had a hail storm like that!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Savannah and Ciera!

On September 4th my babies turned six! I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday I was trying to figure out how to care for two babies at once and three other girls as well. I have to say the first year is pretty blurry from all the sleepless nights (Ciera had colic and would cry from 6pm into the night, luckily that lasted only three months!) I am so thankful for my twins and I am so proud of them. They decided for their sixth birthday they wanted to have a sleepover, just like their older sisters. We invited all their girl cousins and their friend Erin over.
They couldn't wait to open all their presents.

They had so much fun, the girls all were well behaved, but I was definitely ready for a nap :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pedicures, Birthday Parties and Haircuts!

My sister-in-laws all came into town this past weekend. We all went together Friday and got pedicures, then back home for some birthday fun.
This is my sister-in-law Martha, she is just 18 months younger than David. I have been told she is the culprit for many scars in the back of his head. It was her birthday just this last week, so we celebrated. She likes Hannah Montana, so she got some little hannah purses with money in them. She loved it!

The twins Julie and Norma had their birthday a week prior to hers, so of course they were included in the festivities.

Norma is the photographer in the family, so she received a really nice Nikon digital camera.

These girls are so much fun, I love them so much! They are truly my sisters. My sister-in-law Ivonne gave me a new trendy haircut, I love it!

A Perfect Day!

I have two sister-in-laws who are getting married. Laura ( aka Pinky ) and Julie. Most of my sister-in-laws live in Michigan and Utah. They all came down this weekend to go wedding dress shopping for Julie. Julie wants her bridal shower to be an old fashion tea party, so her twin sister Norma, who is her maid of honor, decided to surprise her with flower hats and pearls to "dress up" for our day out. We had a lot of people who stared, but most people loved the whole theme. We even had a handsome cop stop and ask us if he needed a hat to join the party. My sister-in-law Martha told him it was our get away outfits. We are now known as the flower hat bandits! We really had a good time and enjoyed being a little silly.

We went to the bridal shop I do I do. Unfortunately they have a privacy agreement with their designers, so you are not allowed to take any pictures of any dresses, unless you are buying that dress. Julie tried on many dresses ,but this is the one that made her cry!

Of course she had to wear her flower hat for one of the pictures!

We laughed at this picture because she doesn't want a veil. She wants flowers in her hair, and there you go!

This dress looks so beautiful on her, these pictures just don't do justice to this dress. They are going to make alterations to make it temple ready.

Isn't she beautiful!

We told Pinky that the flowers on her hat looked like two eyes on top of her head :)

Many of you know that my mother-in-law passed away in April. Norma asked Julie what she wanted most on this special day and she said her Mom. My sister-in-laws Norma and Martha made these beautiful pins with pictures of my mother-in-law. Each of our pins had a different picture, so at dinner we talked about the history of each picture. We love you Mom!

We ended our adventure at Benihana's, which I had never been too. It was delicious.

This was our chef, he said, "Welcome to Benihana's fine japanese cuisine I am your chef Jose." We all got a laugh out of that one!

My girls were all jealous that we had such cool hats, so my sister-in-laws had a great idea. We went to the dollar store and bought hats and flowers, then we went to Walgreens to buy 3 porcelain tea sets, so we could have a tea party. This is my sister-in-law Gaby playing in the aisles.

We had strawberry lemonade "tea" with crackers, cheese and popcorn. We tried talking in english accents and held our pinky's high. Poor David was forced to endure yet another girl moment. He was a very good sport and sported his goofy hat from Disneyland!