Monday, June 30, 2008


We have been babysittying my little nephew, while my sister-in-law has been at work. The girls absolutely love their "little man". In my family there are 10 granddaughters and only 2 grandsons. Brendan is 2 and Hayden is 5 months. These boys are definitely spoiled and mothered to death! Hayden is a really good baby and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching him. We are going to go through baby withdraws when his Grandma (his regular babysitter) gets back from her vacation.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Day at the Beach

We went back to Newport Beach on Friday. It was much warmer and the girls had a blast playing in the water and the sand.
Chelsea had gone to the pool earlier in the day and already had a burn. She was determined to get a tan she says to look more mexican!

My nephew Brendan loved the water. I caught this action shot of him almost losing his balance in the water.

My brothers and my daughters were determined to build a wall of sand that could withstand the waves. By the time we left it was no more!

Savannah building her sand castle

One naked baby on the beach! It was pretty windy that day, so my nephew Hayden spent most of his time under the beach umbrella.

David and Savannah building a fort around the sand castle.

Ariana and Savannah's creation. Ari was upset that the water kept soaking into the sand around their castle, this was the best we could do!

They had so much fun, but were full of sand!

Disneyland or Bust!!!!

We had the opportunity this last week to go to Disneyland and California Adventure for three fun filled days. We went with my parents and my two brothers and their families. My Dad rented a five bedroom house in Irvine, CA. There was plenty of room and it was a really nice place. I don't think we wanted to leave!!! We really enjoyed ourselves, but we were definitely exhausted by the end of the week!
Ari and Brian on the teacups

Ari is a major minnie mouse fan, she just had to get minnie ears!

In jail in toon town

Minnie and the girls

Meeting Mickey Mouse at his house

The best grandparents ever! They were the official babysitters.

Savannah driving her Dad on the Autotopia.

Fun with Rosie and Brendan at California Adventure

Mickey and Minnie on vacation at California Adventure

On the jungle cruise ride

Me and my baby brother Brian

The girls with one of their favorite princesses Ariel

Breakfast with Goofy and Friends

My Dad surprised all of the grandchildren with a special breakfast with Goofy and Friends at the Disneyland hotel. Goofy is Cherish's favorite character, she was sooo excited! The breakfast was awesome, I highly recommend the creme brulee french toast it was delicious. The girls got to see alot of characters, got their autographs and were able to take pictures with them. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for an awesome experience.

Newport Beach California

Ariana and her favorite little man, her cousin Hayden.

This was our second day in California. We went down to Newport Beach and we walked along the pier. It was still pretty cold that day, but the girls enjoyed putting their feet in the ice cold water. Ciera was shoaked, so we had to go back to the house and change her clothes.